Surface Grinders

We purchase quality surface grinders and update them for our customers.

Sometimes we will offer you a new machine, but a lot of the time we may have one in stock for a fraction of the cost of new.

Monarch Lathes

We offer some excellent used Monarch Lathe choices for our customers

Sometimes its hard to find a really true replacement for a quality product.

Because of this, we offer repaired and updated Monarch Lathes.

New electrical systems and mechanical updates.

Hardinge Lathes

We strongly suggest you bring or purchase a quality machine tool from us.

We purchase used lathes all the time for parts or rebuild.

If you have an older lathe around to sell contact us.

If you need a new or used machine tool like:

Precision Lathes

Chevalier CNC Lathes

Chevalier Bridge Mills

Chevalier Machining Cent

When it comes to recording, practice makes all the difference. So, if you want your sound to be solid and songs tight, put in extra time before coming into the studio.

Okamoto Grinder
Monarch 10EE Lathe
Hardinge Lathe