A Little History

Opening in 1991, Tas Iron Ltd has been updating slews of local and national located machine tools. Offering precision machine tools has been a wild ride with every year having its memorable moments. We've all learned a lot, to say the least, and have definitely become better producers and knowledge is the key.

We owe a big thanks to all the brands, projects, and customers that have come our way.  With a little luck and a whole lot of work, we'll be offering machine tools and helping our customers ds out there for a long, long time.

Okamoto Grinder
Chevalier Grinder
Mitsui Seiki JB4
Used Machinery

The Environment

Featuring a clean facility and professional associates.e have a updated machine tools with new systems and reduced the electrical comsumtion by as much as 62%. Green doesn't mean you take away from the machine tool, its using the energy smarter.